Panasonic evp recorder

This past fall during the Tewksbury Library Tuesday night paranormal lectures that I frequented regularly. It was a tiny little recorder that Karen had brought along with her and was by her side during the presentation.

Me being a paranormal investigator I had to know more about this recorder and the legend surrounding it. I found article after article on this model of recorder. Bottom line I needed to get my hands on one pronto and see what all the hype is about. The legend of the recorder was in full effect and my hopes of finding one cheaply were crushed.

Then it hit me! When I reached Florida, I hit pay dirt! I knew I had to act fast, as there was no telling how much longer this elusive jewel of the EVP world would last.

I sent my first Email asking if the owner still had it for sale.

Panasonic RR-DR60 Voice Recorder

Again my hopes were dashed. I followed up with a sincere Email stating that I was not local. I even came clean with him on how I was a paranormal investigator out of Boston, MA. I explained to him about really wanting to get my hands on this model of recorder and how difficult they are to come by.

I ended the Email with a link to my website asking him to check it out and get back to me. The only way this is going to happen is if you send me cash.

Then on the eighth day while retrieving my daily mail I noticed a small package with a post mark from Ft. Meyers FL in my mailbox It had arrived! Like a kid on Christmas morning I tore open the package and was holding the legendary recorder in my own hands.

Once in my hands I could not help to realize that this thing was light and I mean really light. The packaging that housed it on its trip from Florida to Boston clearly out weighted it. None the less, I had done it and I now owned the legend for myself. I could not wait to try it out and my first though was going to my old paranormal stomping grounds the Tewksbury Hospital pauper cemetery. To me it was local and if I was to capture something it would be there in the Tewksbury Hospital cemetery.

I made my way out to the cemetery right after installing a fresh set of batteries in the recorder. So my first session on the recorder was a memorable one but not in the way I had hoped. The recorder turned on and was set to go. I pushed record and spoke my usual rehearsed questions about ten or so in total and paused about 10 seconds in between questions.

On play back I was completely taken back by what I had heard or to put it correctly what I could not hear. I could barely understand my own words spoken into the recorder! It sounded like I was under water with cotton stuffed in my mouth! Then there were strange noises in my periods of waiting for a response! My best guess is that this was static noise sound artifacts generated from the recorder itself.

Once I left the cemetery that day I went back online and searched for recordings of EVPs that where obtained via the Panasonic. We the paranormal investigator community need to be more truthful with our captures and ourselves. We need to help progress the field and raise the standard in the type of equipment we use especially if we want any type of collaboration within the scientific community.

Sure you can capture something but it is usually muffled movements, clothing rustles, even your breath. The packaging that housed it on its trip from Amazon to Shropshire clearly out weighted it. The compression is awful as well and the distortion is horrendous. Like Like.Even the ones that want to be found will make life hard for you, just for the fun of it.

That definitely includes typical exploration supplies, but also some specialized items just for the paranormal investigator. Their influences on the mortal world are usually very subtle, and sometimes undetectable to the naked eye.

panasonic evp recorder

An upfront investment in the best digital voice recorder for EVP will pay major dividends later on. Basically, a high quality audio recording in a quiet room will sometimes evidence inexplicable, foreign sounds. These can be scratches and whines, small pops, the pipes creaking, or yes, voices and communications that are beyond mortal ken. The concept of using a mechanical or electronic device to communicate with the paranormal dates all the way back to Thomas Edison.

When asked if his inventions could help to speak with the dead, his response was that he thought a sensitive recording device would do a better job than a Ouija board. His work was very interesting, but not quite what we today incorporate into paranormal investigations. He had a very controlled environment, and of course his equipment was older than what we use today.

The modern understanding of the field, and the beginnings of a set of standard best practices, came much later. Since then, the science has rapidly advanced, and today we do have a clear understanding of just what constitutes the best digital voice recorder for EVP.

You need to go digital, to eliminate the possibility of the recorder picking up the sound of its own workings. Other features that can be very helpful, but not required, are solid-state recording media, and a remote microphone. The remote mic can come in especially handy in some cases, as it will minimize noise introduced onto the recording from the investigator handling the equipment.

Being able to place a mic on a stand or table, while still maintaining control over the recording controls, is invaluable in some circumstances. The boost in gain offered by the best digital voice recorder for EVP makes it a far better choice for ghost hunting than even professional grade non-real time recording equipment.

Make as little noise as possible, because the advanced microphones on your audio equipment will definitely pick you up.

All you can really do is prepare properly, equip yourself properly with the best lights and the best cameras and the best digital voice recorder for EVP, and hope. After all, one lesson we can all take from ghosts is that life is fleeting, and we should live it while we can. A great way to figure out the best digital voice recorder for EVP is to check out the top-rated and best selling recorders on Amazon.I own approx 25 evp recorders that are all great at capturing evp.

I have had great success with my entire collection. It also picks up full conversations! This recorder is absolutely nuts and a must have for every paranormal investigator. I bought mine new from the European market and it's an early Japanese edition. The VAS doesn't shut off. And I can sit there and ask a question and watch the record time stop for a couple seconds after my question and than start recording in absolute silence, and there are evp's there every time!

panasonic evp recorder

If you can afford one, don't hesitate to get one in great condition. They could use that as a USP. We try taking them apart, but no luck so far. The Panasonic DR60 Is a must-have for any paranormal investigator… for some reason it is able to capture Electronic Voice Phenomenon better than any other digital voice recorder.

The Panasonic Dr60 is the best tool in my vast paranormal investigation kit. If you can afford it, purchase it! Illinois USA must be via FedWire and from outside the. Bank wire transfers inside the. It offers 8 hours playback time on only two alkaline batteries and includes an external earphone jack. The memory recorder is an absolute must for voice recordings at meetings, news interviews and seminars, or on the spot recording of ideas and information when a pen and paper are not accessible or practical, for example when driving.

For added convenience, each file is numbered and marked with a date, time and duration of recording. Additional Product Features Headphone Jack. By far the most effective EVP recorder in existence! Excellent at capturing EVPs The Panasonic DR60 Is a must-have for any paranormal investigator… for some reason it is able to capture Electronic Voice Phenomenon better than any other digital voice recorder. The best!Here are the best digital recorders designed to pick up your conversations with ghosts.

The recordings are usually short phrases, soft whispers or unexplainable noises. Although sometimes the voices and whispers caught from these recordings are so undoubtedly clear, they are interpreted as messages from the dead.

Also, a rare kind of EVP to capture. Class B EVP : The actual word or phrase heard may be debatable to the investigators and there could be a small confusion as to what exactly was being said in the EVP. In order for it to qualify as Class C EVP, they are filtered and then amplified in order to make them more audible.

Also, the most common kind of EVP to capture. However, we have made a more in-depth discussion on our top picks for the best EVP recorders for ghost hunting.

Why The Panasonic RR-DR60 Has Been Given Legendary EVP Status

Continue reading to learn more about them. With up to 1, hours of recording time, a voice activation feature that only records when the microphone senses sound as well as quick and easy file management, The Olympus VN is the best bang for your buck voice recorder.

For its price point, it really offers a lot of useful elements like noise cancellation which eliminates unwanted background noise while in playback mode. Its playback function can be played in either slow or fast mode depending on your preference.

As well as a timer recording, an alarm playback, and the microphone input and headphone output jacks. The VN is a highly versatile with voice activation and index marking to take note of particular points in your recordings to pinpoint its highlights. However, there is no built-in USB port for this device.

(Awesome!) The Best Digital Voice Recorder for Capturing Real EVPs

Click here to check it out on Amazon. This device has it all: the best functionality with t he most relevant features and high-quality recording. There is a multiple folder element for when you are working on several projects to save in separate folders. This is where the convenient calendar search option plays its part. It has a voice balancer and an intelligent auto mode wherein it adjusts to match the volume of the sound score.

Key aspects of this device would be its ease of use because of the simple mode. It only shows frequently used and essential information on the screen for easy viewing.

I love that it confirms if I really want to delete a recording to avoid instances like losing important files. Last but not least a super convenient USB battery charging option. You can check out the Olympus WS on Amazon here. If you really wanted the Olympus WS but thought it was a bit over your budget, you can opt for the Olympus WS which is just like it, only with a few minor differences.You have some interesting energies in your health and lifestyle sector.

Your intuition may be very good, leading you to alternative cures or treatments and healthier lifestyle habits.

You do have to be careful with your words though, you are Read More. This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse you are agreeing to the use of these cookies. Accept Cookies Find Out More. Some paranormal investigators call this early Panasonic digital dictaphone "the most effective recorder in the world for capturing EVPs," but there are countless arguments stacked up against its effectiveness.

The recorder has earned its reputation thanks to prominent investigators like Zak Bagans from the ghost hunting show 'Ghost Adventures' and Steve Huff founder of the YouTube channel Huff Paranormal. It was one of the first digital audio recorders to hit the market, taking over from the classic microcassette dictaphones that were popular at this point. The initials IC in the device's name stands for Integrated Circuit and refers to its storage medium, a flash memory chip built onto the DR60's integrated circuit.

In the case of the DR60, the onboard memory can store up to one hour of audio or 99 individual recordings. Because the recorder was one of the first of its kind, it lacked a lot of the features that newer digital audio recorders have, most noticeably, it has no USB connector or removable memory card. This meant that the only way to get the audio off of the device was via its headphone jack - an uncommon 2.

The thing that made the DR60 unique at the time was that it had a 'voice activated system' VAS feature. When this mode is turned on and the user presses record, the red 'recording' light flashes and the device waits for a sound to be heard. The official description of VAS reads: "Recording automatically pauses when no sound is detected.

The Panasonic RR-DR60 IC Recorder an EVP Legend No Longer.

This avoids blank portions in recordings. The function works better the lower the microphone sensitivity level. Of course this functionality is useful for those using the dictaphone for the purpose it was originally designed for - making voice memos and notes.

It means that you can leave the recorder in front of you and it will only start recording when you start talking. When you stop speaking the recorder pauses again. The volume at which the recorder was triggered depended on the sensitivity of the microphone, which could be set to five different levels.

The reason paranormal investigators liked this recorder was because they could leave it in the voice activated mode and call out to any spirits that might be present, for example the classic ghost hunters' trope "is anybody there? When reviewing the audio, the silence between the question would not have been recorded, unless someone or something had made a noise. If a voice was heard answering the question then this was deemed to be an example of electronic voice phenomenon, an EVP.

The VAS feature made the DR60 perfect for quick-fire EVP sessions where the investigator would record for a minute or two and then review the audio before continuing. The lack of pauses in the recording sped this up dramatically and working in this way reduced the needed to go through hours of audio after an investigation. It also meant that if an answer was heard as an EVP, the investigator could question the response further in their next quick-fire burst of questions.

There's a legend on the internet and amongst ghost hunters that Panasonic issued a product recall on the RR-DR60 due to numerous complaints of "unexplained voices" in customers' recordings. It's said that the manufacturer issued an updated version of the product with improved electromagnetic shielding to overcome the problem. Since there are no official statements on the matter available, it's hard to say for sure whether poor internal shielding was at play.

Details about the DR60 are sketchy and have been lost over time. Even the date the model was released is unclear. In our research we've found mentions of people purchasing the device inbut from copies of dated instruction manuals found online, it appears that Panasonic were producing the unit until at least There's no documented mention online of any recall, apart from comments on forums and anecdotal hearsay.

There's no news reports from the time and no press releases.Over the years we have used many recorders in hopes of picking up EVPs at some of the most haunted locations in the US.

panasonic evp recorder

When choosing a recorder for EVP always comes down to preference. Everyone agrees on what is said. Class C EVP: A word or phrase that is not identifiable and needs to be perceived with the use of headphones; very soft and faint. Audio can be reversed and identified on what is said.

The list below contain the best evp recorders for paranormal research. We have tested all of these recorders and these are the ones that we use both on livescifi. If you have a recorder that records excellent evps that is not on this list please let us know.

Overall a great recorder, we have over the years picked up some of the most clearest, and compelling pieces of audio evidence with this device.


Although some groups and researchers swear by this device, we have found that while you can record many unexplained voices on the recorder the quality of the EVP is almost always class B or lower. Due to the devices age it only features 60 mins of playback, and it does not feature a usb port for downloading audio.

However if you are running around on a location, we recommend the recorder for evp because it can facilitate almost real time communication with dead. Founder and Lead Paranormal Investigator for livescifi. Check out my new book, "Stalked by the ZoZo Demon". Author Recent Posts.

Follow me on. Tim Wood. Founder at livescifi. Latest posts by Tim Wood see all.It was discontinued by Panasonic after complaints about users picking up sounds and voices. Could have been made up by a slick marketer trying to sell a few on eBay. I now own two of these, one is the American version, the other the Japanese version.

Some say the Japanese version is better, and I am not sure of this yet as I have only used them twice. I am only doing one video per week right now, and as I stated before, only with focused sessions. No more sessions to reach random spirits for me as that opens things up for trouble in my experience, even the kind you do not even realize is there until it is too late. Low quality. Me, I have yet to get any screams. But I have gotten words, and direct answers to questions, from thin air.

To me, a true EVP is from thin air. But Electronic Voice Phenomenon has been going on forever. But catching them can be hit or miss, depending on the recorder, and the person who has the connection to the other side. This DR60 is currently the king of recorders for EVP, though it does come with a coupe major drawbacks. One, the cost second, the sound quality. But when I picked up the 1st DR60 locally, and had instant replies to my questions, I knew something was special about these old school recorders.

Some try to sell lesser Panasonic models on eBay claiming they are almost as good, or work well with the DR60, but they do not. So beware of anyone who tries to sell these at a high cost claiming they are the same or similar as a DR60, they are absolutely not. One must have that connection to the other side, and still today, many do not realize this fact. To record a spirt, we must be receptive to the spirit, so it not all the recorder, or box or app. It is part us, part the tool we use and part the spirit energy.

While I do not have answers for The Who, what or why, I do know how they speak using devices or boxes or radios. I do know they need our help, and energy to do so fluently. If you can connect reliably with other tools, chances are you can with a DR60, but know its limitations. You record and play back in real time and I like to film myself doing this. As evidence and proof of real time EVP.

Something like a Geobox or Portal or Wonder Box will give much better communication and clearer but some just prefer doing EVP from thin air. It is harder for spirits to use but still, when you get that voice answering your question it is amazing every time as no one can explain it, especially when you get a clear concise real time reply in real time.

I have never experienced a recorder such as this. They are getting old now, and electronics do not last forever so these can break down anytime. I had to have ab backup, because if one decides to give out one day, at least I will have a 2nd. Many have praised these to no end, many have trashed them to no end. There are reasons for both lines of thinking here, and both those who praise and trash have valid points. Not everything you pick up on these will even be able to be head or figured out.

Sometimes it sounds like xcasinobonuses MUSH.

panasonic evp recorder


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