Husqvarna 350 chainsaw specs

The Husqvarna is a light, easy to maneuver chainsaw, with many replaceable components and good overall performance for what little it costs. It is not actually produced anymore, as it has been replaced with the chainsaw seriesbut you may still find it on the shelf or on second-hand dealers.

It is definitely not the best product in these Husqvarna seriesand you should expect much more maintenance needed and limited abilities when put to hard work. If you are familiar with the Husqvarna smaller chainsaws seriesthen you know you should expect it to be very user-friendly and highly adjustable for both cold and hot seasons.

The delivers that promise, although not quite as good as its predecessors did. The Husqvarna starts very fast, in a matter of seconds, and provides a good amount of power despite its light design.

Husqvarna 350 Operator's Manual

This light design will make it low on vibrations, again, as you would probably expect a Husqvarna to be. It can basically cut through any type of wood like a regular sized chainsaw, and it may make for a good investment since it costs much less than many of the other similar products out there. After several months or a year of use, you will start noticing that components fall down one by one.

Much more maintenance is needed to keep this chainsaw working than its predecessor saws in the series. You can expect anything out of this chainsaw, from the chain wearing out to the fuel tank not working, the oiler leaking all of the time, the muffler coming off each time you use it, and the chain oiler not doing its job.

This means that you will have to continuously keep repairing or changing components such as jug replacement, clutch replacement, bolts replacement for the muffler and whatnot. The good thing is that the Husqvarna representatives may help you replace some of those components for free.

If you let the Husqvarna sit quietly for a while, you will find it floating in a pool of oil. The oil leaks are really the biggest problem with this chainsaw and the most expensive one.

All in all, you should really look for other cheap alternatives to this chainsaw before purchasing it, even if you intend to use it only on light work around the household or such. You may have to pay more on repairs and maintenance than what it costs. There are really many chainsaws on the marketeven in the Husqvarna seriesthat offer better quality than this model.

It is no wonder that the is no longer produced and instead replaced with the improved version by the manufacturer. Husqvarna 18 in. Best prices. Advantages and drawbacks. Husqvarna Rancher 20 in. Husqvarna 24 in. Power source:. Guides and How-to's How to avoid chainsaw kickback? Eternal Husqvarna vs. How to choose an electric chainsaw? How to choose a cordless chainsaw Tips about electric chainsaws Thorough comparison of cordless and electric chainsaws Useful spring maintenance tips for chainsaws Solutions to typical problems with chainsaws for novice loggers.

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Husqvarna 350 Chainsaw Review

Switzerland fr. Switzerland it.Quick Links. See also: Workshop ManualOperator's Manual. Table of Contents. Summary of Contents for Husqvarna Page 1 Operator s manual EPA PLease read the operator's manual carefully and make sure you English understand the instructions before using the machine.

Chain saws can be dangerous! Careless or incorrect use can result in Filling with oil and adjusting oil flow. Please read the operator's manual carefully and make sure you understand the instructions before using the machine. Most chain saw accidents operator. Apart from the fact that a chain saw designed to stop the chain immediately if you get a kickback.

In this Your machine is equipped with a vibration damping system position, i. Make sure the front hand guard is not damaged and that there are no visible defects such as cracks. Check that the chain catcher is not damaged and is firmly attached to the body of the chain saw.

Apply full throttle and activate the chain brake by tilting your left wrist forward onto the front hand guard.

Bar and Chain Fit Up Chart

Follow our instructions and use the recommended file gauge. A damaged or badly sharpened chain increases the risk of accidents. Never use a machine that has a faulty muffler. Maintain the correct raker clearance! Follow our instructions and use the recommended raker gauge. The number of drive links is determined by the length of the bar, the chain pitch and A chain is made up of a number of links, which are available the number of teeth on the bar tip sprocket. We recommend that you use our file gauge.

This clearance will help you obtain the maximum kickback reduction and cutting performance from your chain. To maintain optimal cutting performance you must file back the raker lip to the recommended height. See the Technical data section to find the raker clearance for your particular chain. Clean if necessary. Poor lubrication of cutting equipment may cause the chain tO snap, which could lead to serious, even fatal injuriesl Chain oil Chain oil must demonstrate If a Checking wear on cutting equipment hollow forms on the underside of the bar tip this is due to running with a slack chain.

Check the chain daily for: To prolong the life of the bar you should turn it over daily. Make sure you are standing firmly and that there is nothing in the way that might make you trip or lose your balance. Kickback can happen very Lack of concentration can lead to kickback if the kickback suddenly and violently; In this case the chain saw pulls itself towards the tree and the front edge of the chain saw body rests naturally on the trunk when cutting.

Small branches can be grabbed by the chain General and thrown back at you, causing serious injury. Always use full throttle when cutting! Reduce the speed to idle after every cut running the engine for too long at full throttle without any load, i. You need to support the object so that it will not trap the chain or split during cutting. It takes a lot of experience to fell J hit you during felling. Most kickback accidents happe n I Work out which side is in tension and where the point of maximum tension is i.

Pay close attention to the position of the kickback zone of the bar even more. What is what on the chain saw? Cylinder cover 16 Spike bumper Front handle 17 Chain catcher Catches chain if it jumps or breaks.

Chain oil tank 20 Throttle controlWith over 60 years experience building chainsaws, Husqvarna has become a leading manufacturer in the power saw industry. If you are looking for a chainsaw that combines excellent performance, relatively low weight, easy handling and a good price then it appears that the Husqvarna might be the saw for you. On paper the Husqvarna model chainsaw is the real deal when it comes to fast and efficient cutting without the bulk.

A lightweight engine construction not only makes the chainsaw easy to handle but increases acceleration power too. The Husqvarna chainsaw boasts superior features such as a vibration dampening system, an automatic chain lubrication pump and great safety features: a double acting chain brake, right hand guard and a chain catcher. All of this for a relatively low cost price. Every manufacturer, now and again refines the build of a product to the most efficient way possible.

Their production engineers hone every feature to manufacture the product with the absolute minimum of waste and the maximum of efficiency in order to get the best features and the most competitive price. It seems that Husqvarna almost got there with the model but, as sometimes happens they went a bit too far. Paring to the bone is good for the price but to continue this analogy taking away some of the bone impairs the final product. With no doubt there are many happy Husqvarna owners in the world who get good service from their saw.

husqvarna 350 chainsaw specs

It seems they got lucky, their saw had all the right tolerances in all the right places which kept their saw together and operating well. Complaints of catastrophic engine failure, often in the first few hours of use, brought about by overheating are common.

This was made worse by really poor customer service experienced at the hands of some Husky dealers, blaming customers for the failure and accusing them of incorrect fuel mixture. Examining the engine construction illuminates the pared down construction; a lightweight, unlined cylinder and single piston ring, great for achieving a low mass engine but a recipe for early failure. Another very common complaint is that the exhaust muffler simply shakes loose and falls off.

Customers reattach the muffler and re-tighten the bolts; the muffler falls off again and the customer tightens the bolts even more. The cycle repeats itself until the screw thread is stripped in the cylinder body and the machine is rendered all but scrap. As the muffler works loose the exhaust port is directly exposed to the atmosphere. Does this alter the fuel mixture causing it to burn lean and hot?

You might avoid this common failure and get many more years service from your machine. If the muffler bolt threads are still in good condition then you can simply proceed with fitting an aftermarket support bracket for the muffler listed below as shown in this really helpful video.

If you have the skill to do it yourself this is a cost effective repair but if you are paying the workshop it could cost half as much as a new saw! Toggle navigation Mad On Tools. Husqvarna Studio Image. Table of Contents. This site uses cookies More info No problem. Walbro HDA eBay.Summary: I would buy a Husqvarna again.

You do not have to hunt for a dealer like I did trying to find a Stihl rep. The Husq has more dealers and that makes the price more competitive. I have now bought the Husqvarana Pole saw.

Runs great, starts great. Strengths: Nice smooth starting, good balance with my 18" bar. This is my first saw, but I have used plenty of borrowed ones. I cut on my ranch for clean up and want a light weight power horse. The is working out great for me. I have about 8 gas tank fills of cutting done and no trouble. Keep the chain sharp and it has plenty of power for hedge and oak.

2 Stroke Carburetor - How to Tune - How it Works!

Chain lock works well, just follow the directions when removing the bar plate-disengage the break first. Adjustable oil flow, chain tension adjustment is just a turn of the screw. Easy pull start decompression button is a nice touch when the weather is cold and it takes a few extra pulls. I have never needed put it on the ground to get it started. I lock the chain, push the fuel bulb twice, choke it, push the decomp.

Button and give it pulls, easy to pull and it fires up. Button and pull it again, your running. The decomp. Button automatically turns off when it fires, or runs.

husqvarna 350 chainsaw specs

Summary: I would not buy any other saw. I have friends who have been through two or three saws since I purchased my "Husky". I have been through two bars and three chains and my saw still runs and cuts like new.

Strengths: Dependable, Easy Starting, fast cutting, fairly light, name brand speeks for its-self. Weaknesses: chain sproket wore out in less than 5 years, but I have used it quite a bit due to many storms in North Florida over the past years.

Summary: I think this one is just a lemon, never had issues with any other Husq. Weaknesses: within first year has had head replaced and numerous repairs for spark and nostart issues, after all this, now with only about 8 tanks of fuel through it, has only 3psi compression. Summary: Good lightweight saw for limited pro use. Much better than the or "Rancher" saws.I've never used a tour company before--I do all the trip planning in our family, and even though we were using Nordic Visitor, I did a lot of research and had some specific requests.

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husqvarna 350 chainsaw specs

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